Hello, my name is Dean Lind.

Writing about myself isn’t easy for me, as I tend to be a bit of an introvert

That being said, I’ll give it a go.

Ok, so starting at the beginning. I’m not going to tell you all about my childhood (very
good actually) except to say that I was hatched back in 1952 – yea even old guys can do
this – in Battle Creek, Michigan (world headquarters for Kellogg’s cereal.)

I grew up with two younger brothers, did the whole school thing and graduated high school in 1971. I never was an “A” student per se, except in things I was interested in –  basically  science and math.

Come to think of it I did alright in English too.

I was lucky enough throughout high school to have a really good friend with whom I still correspond. He stayed in Battle Creek while I roamed all over the world (at least a fair part of it anyway.) More on that a little later.

I had a newspaper delivery route growing up and can still remember going out every day to deliver,summer and winter. And believe me, Michigan has some winters!
There were two TV shows on back then (one was something called the Wild Wild West and the other was called the Man from Uncle.)

Anyway I’d have to go around to all my customers on a Friday night to collect money for the papers they got that week. Everyone would be watching one or the other of the shows, so when they invited me in while they went for the money I’d be able to watch a few minutes of one or the other. It was great because I was able to watch both, each week. I loved it.

Moving on, when I graduated high school back in 1971 I started attending Kellogg Community College, an (at that time) two-year institution where I majored in pre-engineering. Once I finished my associates degree (suma-cum laude) I managed to get a job with our local electric utility company. I worked for them for about 2 years I guess, during which time
I bought myself a used fire-engine red Corvette T-top.

Loved that car and of course at what, 21 years old or so (?) I was the envy of my friends and co-workers. Naturally they didn’t have to make the payments!

Somewhere along the line I decided to go back to school and attended Michigan Technological University. It’s way up in Michigan’s upper peninsula where there’s nothing but snow (15 – 20 feet on the ground), cold and nothing to do. That lasted for a year. I came to realize that I just wasn’t that interested in college so, sans a degree I left.

After a bit I decided to join the Air Force.

There were lots of reasons and I won’t bore you with all of them. But a steady paycheck, 30 days paid vacation a year and the chance to get out of my home town and see the world played a big role.

After graduating basic training an 9 months of tech school I got stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. I worked the flight line on Phantom F4 fighter jets.

After about 2 years there I got orders for overseas duty at RAF Mildenhall, England.

I have to tell you that this was one of the most enjoyable periods in my service carrier.
I spoke the language, the currency exchange rate was something like 2-to-1 in our favor, and they have great world-class beer!

Not to mention that I was fortunate enough to work on one of the most awesome aircraft ever invented, the SR-71.

I made a lot of good friends (Americans as-well-as Brits), learned to play darts (which is almost a national pastime – or was then) and spent many a great weekend in London which was an hour and a half train commute from where I was stationed.
One of my favorite haunts there was a club down in Soho (on Frith Street if memory serves) called Ronnie Scotts.
I hear that it’s still there to this day. Ronnie Scotts was and is renowned as a top jazz club. I’d stay until just before 2AM when I had to literally run down the street to the nearest subway station to catch the last train all the way across London to the hotel where I always stayed.

I decided not to reenlist after England and instead tried my hand at being a civilian again.
Actually I went back to college (Mich Tech again) with the idea of finishing my degree.
It only took 1/2-way through the ensuing winter up there to decide for the second time that it sounded better than it was.

I tried going back into the Air Force to resume where I left off but as luck would have
it they weren’t taking any prior service people at the time.

So after finding out the Marines wanted me to go back through basic training again ( been there, done that ) I joined the Army ( they waived the basic training.)

I went on for the next 12 years to be stationed twice at the War College in Carlisle Pa, in Worms Germany and in Naples, Italy working on cryptographic communication systems.

After Desert Storm, Congress decided to reduce the size of the services so I and thousands of others were let go.

Since then I’ve gotten married and have worked as a computer programmer and as a retail manager of convenience stores as-well-as for Lowes home improvement.

Nowadays I live with my lovely wife Sharon, our cat (Squirt) and Sassy our Chihuahua in Florida not too far from Disneyland.