Reviewing: Engagermate

So what is Engagermate and what will it do for you?

Engagermate is a cloud based application that is going to help you a lot with the two things that everyone looks for:

- Traffic &
- Time

Of course you need traffic to your offers because without it you can't sell anything. Engagermate will help you with this by letting you tap into one of the most under-utilized sources of traffic out there: Instagram.

Instagram? You bet! Check it out - Instagram has 1 BILLION users, they get around 500,000 visitors EVERY DAY and over 9.5 MILLION new posts go up every day. I don't know how you count but in my book that's a lot of traffic!

So how does Engagermate help you to get your slice of all of that. In a nutshell by using automation and artificial intelligence.

I can hear it now: How in the world would I get anyone to follow and engage with me? Out of those 1 billion - me?

Here's one strategy: You go on Instagram and you search for the big names in your niche, the movers and shakers who already have a huge following. Then you start following and engaging with the followers of those big names.

These are people who are already interested in your niche - an automagic targeted audience.

Here comes Engagermate. It will allow you to automatically (can you say time saving) like and follow those people. Much nicer and easier than spending hours doing all that following and liking manually!

Now, think about what happens when someone follows you on social media. I'll bet you check them out and maybe follow them back. This is what happens with Engagermate - you automatically like and follow them and they like you back. There's your traffic!

And Engagermate can keep your name in front of people. You can set it up so that it continues to follow and periodically like or comment on posts that your new followers are making. They'll see that you are engaging with them, which helps strengthen your relationship.

One powerful feature is going to help you get local clients as well. Engagermate can find, follow and like people who have visited a location or business that you search for.

Imagine being able to help local businesses with their social media (Instagram) marketing efforts - targeting people who have been to their or their competitors businesses!

It also comes with a mobile version - one for iOS and another for Android.

Ok, so what about OTOs (Upsells)

There aren't any! No, during launch week only ALL THE OTOs are FREE!
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What I like about Engagermate

With very little work on your part it helps find lots of targeted traffic.

It saves you days or even weeks of work building up an Instagram following.

It uses artificial intelligence to only follow those who follow you - keeping your followers focused to those to whom you can market. This is one of the OTOs (called the Optimizer) or upsell features.

What I don't like about Engagermate

Well, aside from the (free) Optimizer upsell there really isn't a lot of reporting available in terms of how your account is doing.

Also there isn't any training within application. In reality the only training you really need is in how to initially set it up to run as you like (which is provided), because after that it pretty much churns along on 'autopilot'.

No, my complaint about training is more this: How to you monetize all those sexy new Instagram followers you have? Engagermate does not go into that.

Never fear:  I've got that covered in the bonuses I'm offering with Engagermate.

Scroll on down to check them out...

How about a Demo of Engagermate

My Super Engagermate Bonuses

My Final Thoughts

Overall Engagermate is a good choice for free traffic and for growing your list. And if you pick it up during launch week (May 1 - May 7 2019) you'll get all the OTO's for free.


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