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So what is Kaptiwa and what will it do for you?

So what is Kaptiwa and what’s it mean to you?

Well the short and the long of it is that Kaptiwa is a service or support product. Specifically it’s a service that will host your videos and deliver them lightning fast.

It also comes with a fully configurable player so that you can imbed your videos almost anywhere – on your landing pages, any website, online shop, membership site, on your blog, on review pages like this one  – you get the picture.

The player allows you to monetize your videos since you can insert your affiliate link, lead generation forms or sell your products or services from right inside your videos. It has over 50 marketing features.It comes with ads templates and a drag and drop editor so that you can customize them to your hearts content.The whole thing is doable in three steps:

  • Upload your video
  • Customize/monetize it
  • Publish (and profit)
You can go viral with built-in social sharing, and built-in analytics are there to let you know how your babies are doing.

Not only that but your videos and pages are fully SEO optimized to help them rank.

You can host your videos anywhere you like or you can use the free hosting that comes with Kaptiwa.

You get Unlimited video uploads, and it integrates with your favorite autoresponder allowing you to collect unlimited leads.

With it you should see less (or no) buffering time, meaning that your videos will play without breaks.

You’ll see an end to the high hosting subscription fees you find with services like Wistia, Dropbox, Vimeo or Amazon.

You’ll no longer be bothered by the way YouTube eats your traffic.Look at this image. Every arrow shows a place where someone watching your YouTube video can be distracted and click away from it.

Face facts – once they do click away you’ve probably lost them and lost any chance of making that sale or of getting them as a lead. I mean how many times have you gone to YouTube to watch something and wound up somewhere else? Yep – happens all the time.

I think that’s the biggest advantage of Kaptiwa. It gives you a seamless player that keeps your traffic on your video – period.

So does it deliver? Well, some of the biggest names in internet marketing are using it including the likes of Todd Gross (Mr Video himself), Simon Warner, Paul Ponna, Daniel Adetunji and Richard Fairbairn to name a few.

I highly encourage you to click any of the orange buttons on this page to go on over to the sales page and check it out.

Ok, so now down to the nitty gritty. How much?

Well, Kaptiwa’s pricing plan is a three-tier affair as shown here:

Starting at 10AM on June 21st Kaptiwa will be available for a limited time at a one-time low price for a two-year license. Personally, I’d go with the option I have marked as The Sweet Spot.

Other options, as shown above are available as well although I don’t know what all the OTO’s entail.

Here are the bonuses I’ve carefully selected for you that I believe will help you as you go forward with Kaptiwa and your video marketing.

It goes without saying that as soon as you click on any of the orange buttons on this page and decide to purchase, Kaptiwa, as-well-as my free bonuses and those from the vendor will be instantly available for you to download on JvZoo.

My Super Kaptiwa Bonuses-Gone when the timer reaches zero!


Well, I hope this review has been helpful to you and as always if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback here on my blog or over there on my YouTube page.

My Final Thoughts

   What I like about Kaptiwa

  1. 1
    If you're into Video Marketing, It will help keep your traffic on target - where you want it to be.
  2. 2
    You'll have multiple ways to monetize your videos.
  3. 3
    You get unlimited hosting for as many videos as you like.
  4. 4
    You don't need your own hosting as it's provided free!

   What I don't like about Kaptiwa

      Honestly, there isn't anything - and it's rare that I'll say that!


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