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Creator: Cindy Donovan
Cost: $9.97 - $49.97
My Review Video :

  If you were to survey 100 aspiring (and even some established) internet marketers and ask them the following question what do you think the most common answer would be:

       If there's one thing you struggle with the most, what would it be?

  What's your answer?
  If you said traffic I think you've hit the nail on the head.
  Without a doubt the one thing that I hear over and over is "How can I get traffic?"
  Traffic's important because obviously if nobody comes to see what you have (or they're not even aware of it) then how in the world can you expect to sell it, right?
  So what do we do to solve our traffic problem(s)? Well, either we try to get free traffic or we cough up the dough to buy traffic.
  Those may be the only two types of traffic but we all know there are probably hundreds of courses and softwares out there that teach or show us how to get one or the other types. If you're like me you've probably picked up a few along the way.
  But you know something? For the most part whether you're fishing for free traffic or paying for it you're running a one-man (or woman) show right?
  I mean there's just you and you by yourself can only place so many Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or (fill in the blank) ads. You can only send so many emails (assuming you have a list to email to.)

  But what if I told you that there's a way to get other people, potentially hundreds of other people, to post your add or link , your blog post or promotion or whatever on their blogs, or Youtube or Instagram or LinkedIn etc. accounts?
  Well now there is.
  Traffic Ivy in a nutshell is a traffic exchange. It is a cloud based system where you and others post their content (blog posts, videos, product reviews etc.)
  You have social media accounts, maybe one or more Youtube channels and such and so do they.
When you go into Traffic Ivy you can see things others have posted to Traffic Ivy and they can see your posts.

  The idea is that you can choose the content that they've uploaded and share it on your sites, and they can find and share yours.
  Suddenly your content is being seen not only by those who come to your own sites but by those who come to other people's sites as well. Suddenly you're getting many more eyeballs on your content that you ever could if it was just you alone posting it.
  So Traffic Ivy can potentially explode the traffic to your site or offering beyond what you could achieve by yourself. It can help you not only to make sales, but to grow your email list by leaps and bounds.
  Traffic Ivy works on a points or credit system. When you post something in the exchange you specify how many points you want to 'spend' per click up to the limit you set. That way you control how much you 'spend' for traffic.
  Over and above buying more points you can earn free points to by posting other people's content on your video or social media accounts - on your LinkedIn, or Instagram or Facebook page and such. This way you're helping others and yourself.
  Of course Traffic Ivy provides in-depth and real-time analytics so that at any time you can go in and see just how much traffic you're getting from a campaign and exactly where that traffic is coming from to name just a few things.
  Traffic Ivy has the potential to be a real game changer going forward into 2019.
  At the top of my bonus page I've place a demo video of the system and how it works. Be sure to check it out!
  If you think Traffic Ivy might be for you then click on any of the turquoise buttons here on the page. 
   And don’t forget – all bonuses are yours, instantly available and absolutely FREE when you purchase Traffic Ivy through my link.
Scroll on down for more (and to see those bonuses I spoke of)...

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So What Is Included?
  • Real, actual… trackable, guaranteed clicks.
  • Login to your dashboard and create and publish ads in multiple media formats and your campaigns are live.
    You can have their choice of :
       Articles displayed on our growing network of targeted blogs Facebook posts real people’s FB pages/groups and walls Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit posts on REAL accounts
      Videos uploaded to a wide variety of real YouTube accounts
  • You can choose the point price their willing to pay, while other members choose what they’re willing to share and publish ads for!
  • In your stats after the traffic has been delivered you’ll get a complete breakdown for every click sent, with a direct link to that share/post - and the opportunity to rank/rate and review the quality of traffic… to keep the integrity of the network SUPER strong!
  • Your Traffic Bundle Options Include:
      Option 1: $9.97 for 2,000 points to use on your choice of traffic
      Option 2: $29.97 for 5,000 points to use on your choice of traffic
      Option 3: $49.97 for 10,000 points to use on your choice of traffic
What I like about it
  • Provides a great way to generate real targeted traffic.
  • It should be more economical than other paid traffic methods for most people.
  •  You can earn free points just by posting other people's content, as they post yours.
  • It has a rating system that lets you rate the quality and quantity of traffic you received.
  • It provides good analytics so you can see in real-time how your campaigns are going.
What I don't like about it
  • I have to say there really isn't anything!

My Super Bonuses​​​​

Check my 8 bonuses that are yours completely for FREE when you purchase Traffic Ivy through my link.

*** How To Claim Your Bonuses ***

After clicking on any of the turquoise buttons you'll be taken to my bonus page where you can review the bonuses that I'm offering. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my bonus page you'll see a big blue button that you can click to be taken to the sales page where you can purchase Traffic Ivy.

After your purchase ClickBank will send you a receipt via email. Once you have that receipt email a copy of it to: Within a short time I'll send you an email with a link where you can download all of you bonuses.

My Final Thoughts

The idea behind Traffic Ivy - harnessing the power of other people in a cooperative way to generate targeted traffic is brilliant. I honestly don't see a downside to it. Yes, it is a paid traffic method but one with potentially far greater reach than any of the others out there. 

At only $9.95 to get started - you should!

Towards Your Success,


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