Reviewing: VidCrafty

Creators: Akshat Gupta & Ankita Vishwakarma
Cost: $27.00
My Review Video :
   As a Marketer, you have a problem , as it happens it’s the same problem that all of your competitors have too.How do you engage with your customers? 
   How do you attract their attention and better yet how do you HOLD their attention so you can deliver your message?I don’t think I’m going out on a limb too far by saying one word: VIDEO.
   Nothing reaches people and grabs that attention faster. Guess what? It’s been shown that people REMEMBER what they see and hear on a video better than any other way.
   Think about it. When you’re on Facebook or any other social media site what do you do? If you’re like me you probably scroll through 90% of what’s there looking for something interesting. I find myself stopping and looking at videos more than anything else – and so do you. Videos keep people engaged. They keep people interested and wanting more.
   So how do YOU make these great videos? Well, as I said you have a problem. The normal way is to hire a videographer (fancy talk for someone who charges to film right?) The normal way is to get reamed over the cost – it’s expensive. And then you go back and forth again and again trying to get everything right – and the costs keep mounting.
   Or if you have the knowledge to do it yourself you still have a problem. Where do you get video or still footage that you can use? Where do you get music for the background?  Can’t just use anything you find on the net – most of it is copyrighted and a quick ticket to a lawsuit.
   And let’s not even go into the cost of the software you’d need and the time learning to use it – all of which are up-front costs before you even make a nickel back on that investment!
   What if there were a way for you to make great, highly engaging videos without breaking the bank?What if you had all (we're talking thousands) the video clips, animated videos, background images and sound bites you’d ever need? No more copyright infringement issues here.
   What if you could tell those expensive designers to take a hike?
   Well now there is. Now you can make professional quality video content tailored to your or your clients exact needs without hardly breaking a sweat. Video that will stop those social media scrollers in their tracks. Videos that will be REMEMBERED by your soon-to-be customers.
   That’s what you’ll enjoy when you get your copy of VidCrafty today!
   Find out all about it in my review video above.  It’s a bit long because I show you a couple of ways you can monetize your videos.Bored listening to me? Just click any of the GREEN BUTTONS on the page here to check out my bonuses and visit the sales page where you can learn all about it.
   And don’t forget – all bonuses are yours, instantly available and absolutely FREE when you purchase VidCrafty through my link.

Scroll on down for more (including those bonuses I spoke of)...

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So what is included?

  • 1
    30 PowerPoint Templates in various Marketing niches
  • 2
    6500 + Images
  • 3
    8000 Animated Graphics
  • 4
    550 + Editable Quote Images
  • 5
    1500 + HD Video clips
  • 6
    300 + Custom Icons
  • 7
    880 + Pitch Perfect Audio clips
  • 8
    And More...
What I like about it
  • Provides a great way to create attention grabbing videos.
  • It's a good fit for helping you to make money either offline or online.
  •  A good deal of value for the money for the cost
  • The fact that you'll continue to receive new templates and/or tools every month.

What I don't like about it
  • May require a bit of learning to edit Power Point files (it's not hard though.)
My Super Bonuses

As shown in my review video, I’m offering you four bonuses with VidCrafty. Check them out  and get them instantly and completely for FREE by clicking any of the green buttons (like the one just above) to go to my bonus page. Once there, scroll all the way down and click the blue purchase button at the bottom of that page.

Immediately after your purchase, you'll be taken to the JVZoo access page for VidCrafty.

If not, go to (create a free account if you have not already) and then (in either case): 

​Go to and click on the "Looking for your purchases" button in the top right-hand corner of JVZoo.

On the resulting page, find and click on ​VidCrafty.

The next page will tell you all about it, and as you scroll down you’ll see the following two buttons:

Clicking on the Green Button one will allow you to access/download VidCrafty.
Clicking on the Blue Button will take you to my bonus downloads page, where you can download your bonuses.

My Final Thoughts

All-in-all I believe VidCrafty will be a tool that lets you bust out of the video rat race. You can offer professional quality marketing videos at a very competitive rate. It's not outside the realm of possibility that these could be recurring customers who will come back to you again and again for new videos - and new profits for you!

As shown in my review video, you can also monetize it by creating a gig for yourself on Fiverr.

Towards Your Success,


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