Reviewing: Wp Photo Plugin

Creator: Leon Tran
Cost: Now at $18.00 - Increasing $1/day
My Review Video :
  You want your life to be easier.

  This will help make that happen. 

  You're creating a new post on your blog or a new landing page or whatever.
  You need an image to go in there. And not just any image. It needs to be appropriate and needs to be
legal for you to use. 
  This is going to make it easy to satisfy your needs. This plugin will scour three major image sites for the search term you supply and display hundreds of images for you.
  Find the one you like - great! Now just download it (within the plugin) and it will instantly be inserted into your new page or post. That is after you've specified a caption or description (if you want them) and after you've said what size you want it to be.
  Want to use the same image for your featured image too? Done with one click.
  Easy peasy and you never had to leave your editing to go, find and import an image. 

  I've given this one a 5/5 star rating because it does what it was designed to do, it doesn't get in the way and it genuinely makes your work easier.

  See if you don't agree.

Scroll on down for more (including those bonuses I spoke of)...

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What I like about it
  • Actually useful anytime you need an image on your site.
  • It's easy to get to and doesn't get in the way.
  •  It does what it says it will do,with a good group of features.
My Super Bonuses

As mentioned in the video above, I’m giving you five bonuses to go with this plugin. Check them out  and get them instantly and completely for FREE by clicking any of the orange buttons on this page (like the one just above) to go to my bonus page. Once there, do not click on the green purchase buttons. Rather, scroll all the way down and enter your email so that I can send you a download link. From there you will be taken  to the sales page where you can purchase the WordPress Photo Plugin. 

My Final Thoughts

This plugin is one of those things that you stumble across and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Do you have to have it? Of course not; but you're going to be glad you picked it up when you see just how handy it is. 

Towards Your Success,


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